MEGAtoken Sellers

“MEGAtoken sellers” are social media influencers (or people alike) who offer services related to organic growth, designs, methods and more within our multi layer – customer protection system.

How it works:

  1. To become a seller you must already have a customer account on MEGAtoken Market, if you haven’t yet signed up – please do so by signing up here
  2. Once you have created an account – your log in information will be emailed to you. To get approved, please contact us on our only official telegram @MegaTokenCryptoMarkets (or click here)
  3. Once you’re approved – you’ll be given admin (seller) access to begin creating your own custom offers to sell on our website, while we provide you with buyers – payouts can be via. cashapp/crypto/others. (our team is here to guide you)
  4. Each offer/service created is reviewed by the MEGAtoken team before going live in the shop section – to ensure customer satisfaction
  5. The free traffic you’ll be provided with (new potential customers) – will not cost you anything, we recommend charging an additional $5 or so to cover our fees/commissions varying on the price of the offer.
  6. (optional): Sellers accepting MEGAtoken as a method of payment – will only pay half the commission fees on their sales.
  7. Until 2022 or a later date, sellers only pay blockchain fees to accept their payout, minus MEGAtoken sales commission.
  8. MEGAtoken sales commission varies per offer & starts at 5-25% of sales – which can be added ontop of your minimum fee. This can change at any moment & is always up for negotiation for a win-win business relationship.
  9. With any questions please reach out to our team here