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MEGAtoken (BSC) Contract Address: 0x3253e5682634384d17efccd5f77101798435b2c9

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Benefits of MEGAtoken:

MEGAtoken will enable custom in-market (website) coupons – offering $ value (and potential additional discounts) to spend on all eligible seller offers! At the same time, Megatoken will also enable P2P (person-to-person) in-market (telegram) transfers for those who need/want it!

MEGAtoken is built by influencers, for influencers. Compared to other tokens without a solid influencer userbase – we will avoid the massive advertising expenses/barriers to entry. Growth will come much easier as the community expands, to become a seller making money with us – you must have a large online network/reach.

In addition to the MEGAtoken market use cases & influencer user-base, the value of MEGAtoken is volatile – moving with the price of BTC/BNB – as well as MEGAtoken buying/selling pressure within the markets (pancakeswap, etc. – off market transactions do not move the price), meaning – maybe you are able to buy it cheap, then using it when the price goes up, or sell it for profit using pancakeswap or poocoin! (although keep in mind – the opposite can also occur, so risk management is important while storing value within the MEGAtoken ecosystem)

How it works: