MEGA Token Experienced Sales Funnel Package


 For $999 per month (or $899 in MEGAtoken) you get: a custom domain name (link), SSL encryption (padlock beside our link), pre-built (self-customizable) landing pages, pre-built & managed google ads (pay-per-click: estimated 400-1000+ clicks monthly – varying on multiple factors – of people having intent to buy) directly to your landing page to collect customer info to close a deal via. text/email/telegram/social media/etc. Landing pages can be a dead-end, or they can redirect people to a website/telegram group/social media page/your offer here, etc. after they fill out their information. (this deal is negotiable – additional ad spend can be added in for an additional 10-25% fee on the ad spend)

Sold By: MEGAtoken Market


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